What is Arduino ? An Easy Introduction for Beginner

“Arduino” is an open-source electronics platform that allows anyone to create interactive devices easily. It consists of both hardware and software components. 

The most popular Arduino board is the Arduino Uno R3 which uses an Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller chip

The 14 digital I/O pins can be used to connect and control various electronic components like LEDs, motors, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), buttons etc.

There are 6 analog input pins that can read analog voltages between 0 to 5V from sensors and convert them into digital values using analog-to-digital conversion (ADC).


Here are some example applications and projects that can be built using Arduino 

Home automation, Robotics, Weather monitoring, Game controllers, Drone, Internet of Things etc.

Here are some of the main applications and uses for Arduino:

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Arduino's versatility, ease of use, and wide compatible components make it suitable for all kinds of DIY electronics, IoT, robotics, and interactive projects.

The Arduino IDE uses a simplified C/C++ based language. The code is called a sketch. It uses standard C functions and some Arduino-specific libraries and functions. 

Arduino IDE

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