What is Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT ?

A “prompt” is the text we provide to ChatGPT to give it context and tell it what we want. 

"Prompt engineering " is key to getting good results from large language models like ChatGPT. 

Prompt engineering

Some key tips for prompt engineering with ChatGPT

Tips 1: 

Be clear and specific in your prompts. Using concrete examples and being detailed will produce better responses. 

Tips 2 :

Break down complex requests into simpler, step-by-step prompts to guide the model.  

Tips 3 :

Use natural language in prompts, as if you're explaining something to a friend. Avoid short keyword style prompts. 

Tips 3 :

Don’t just give one prompt and leave it at that. Asking follow-up questions with ChatGPT to guide it. Ask clarifying questions to get more details.

Tips 4 :

If ChatGPT seems confused or provides irrelevant responses, rephrase the prompt with different wording and additional context.

With practice, you will unlock its capabilities to create just what you need – from articles to stories, reports to poetry, and beyond.