OpenAI’s GPT-4o: How to access GPT-4o (Features, Guide)

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The world of AI is constantly evolving, and GPT-4o is the latest game-changer. OpenAI’s latest multimodal model GPT-4o promises significant advancements in AI technology.

In this article, we are walked through the latest GPT 4o model, its capabilities and how to access GPT-4o. Are you ready to experience GPT-4o for yourself?

What is GPT-4o?

GPT-4o is a new large language model developed by OpenAI, the company of ChatGPT. It is a multimodal model i.e., it can handle text, image, and audio natively like Google’s Gemini. It’s said to be a significant leap forward in AI technology, offering several improvements over previous models GPT 3.5 and also GPT 3.5 Turbo. Even the latest GPT 4o model is much faster than the GPT 4 model and has lower costs.

Features of GPT-4o

ChatGPT 4o brings several exciting features, some currently available for free to use.

The “o” in GPT-4o indeed stands for “omni”. That signifies its omnimodal capabilities. This means it can process and understand information from various formats like text, audio, and images, unlike GPT-4 which was primarily focused on text data.

1. Faster and More Capable: GPT-4o maintains the intelligence level of GPT-4 but performs tasks much faster.

2. Multimodal Understanding: A key feature is its ability to reason across different forms of data – text, audio and vision – in real-time. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of your requests.

🌟 For instance, you could provide an image and have a conversation about it with GPT-4o. Unlike previous versions like GPT 3.5, you can now upload screenshots and images alongside text prompts.

3. Enhanced Text Capabilities: ChatGPT 4o builds on the strengths of GPT-4, offering improved text generation, translation, and writing assistance.

4. Advanced Voice Mode: Paid subscribers (ChatGPT Plus and Team) will soon have access to a more advanced voice mode, allowing for natural conversations using voice input and output with latencies of 2.8 seconds (GPT-3.5) and 5.4 seconds (GPT-4).

5. Improved Language tokenization: Better tokenization compression helps GPT-4o process information faster. By choosing the most effective units, it can analyze complex concepts more efficiently.

6. Improved Safety: OpenAI has emphasized the safety features built into GPT-4o. This includes filtering training data and refining the model’s behaviour to minimize risks like misinformation and bias.

GPT-4o v/s GPT-4

GPT-4o represents a significant advancement in AI technology. GPT-4o is generally considered an improvement over GPT-4. It offers several advantages:

  1. Speed: GPT-4o performs tasks significantly faster than its predecessor.
  2. Multimodal Understanding: A key feature is its ability to reason across different forms of data (text, audio, and vision) in real-time.
1. Text ProcessingStrongMuch improved
2. Multimodal UnderstandingLimitedStrong (Text, Audio, Vision)
3. SpeedSlowerMuch Faster
4. Realtime interaction SlowerMost advanced

However, if text-based tasks are your primary focus and free access is crucial, GPT 3.5 or GPT-4 might still be a viable option.

How to access GPT-4o

You can access OpenAI’s latest multimodal model “GPT-4o” multiple ways. Here, I have discussed these ways.

Free Access:

  • OpenAI API: If you have an OpenAI API account, you can leverage GPT-4o through their APIs like Chat Completions, Assistants, and Batch. This allows you to integrate GPT-4o’s capabilities into your own applications.
  • OpenAI Playground: OpenAI offers a Playground interface where you can experiment with GPT-4o for free. This includes text and image input with text output functionalities.

Paid Access :

  • Advanced Features: OpenAI might offer paid tiers (like ChatGPT Plus or Team) for features like a more advanced voice mode and potentially multimodal output (generating text and audio responses).
  • Enterprise Features: Businesses might have access to a paid tier with functionalities like desktop screenshot analysis and potentially more advanced capabilities.

How to use GPT-4o for free?

Here, is the step-by-step guide to use the latest GPT-4o multi-modal model.

1. Create an OpenAI Account

You need to create an OpenAI free account for limited free access to GPT-4o.

  • Head to the OpenAI signup page. Visit
  • Enter your email address in the designated field.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • You can sign up using Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts (if preferred). Otherwise, you’ll create a password.
  • Create a strong password and confirm it.
  • Review OpenAI’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • If you agree to the terms, check the corresponding box(es).
  • Click “Sign Up.”

2. Try GPT-4o

Now, here you can see a dialog box of the latest ChatGPT 4o and click “Try GPT-4o” button. Now, you can able to use a limited number of chats with the GPT-4o model.

Another method:

Here, I will explore you with OpenAI Playground and free use of GPT 4o.

  1. Head to OpenAI Playground: Visit in your web browser.
  2. Create an OpenAI Account: If you don’t have one, sign up for a free OpenAI account.
  3. Explore the Interface: The Playground offers a text box where you can type your prompts and instructions for GPT-4o. You can also upload images alongside your text input.
  4. Experiment with Text and Images: Try different prompts and see how GPT-4o responds. You can use text prompts to generate different creative text formats, translate languages, or answer questions in an informative way. With image input, you could describe the image or ask GPT-4o to generate related text formats.


If you decide to paid access of ChatGPT then there are different tiers (like ChatGPT Plus or Team) based on your specific needs.

ChatGPT plans list
ChatGPT plans list

Here, you find three different plans in ChatGPT.

  1. Free: This plan gives you access to GPT-3.5, with limited access to advanced features like data analysis and file uploads.
  1. ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month): This plan grants you access to GPT-4, GPT-40, and GPT-3.5. It also includes early access to new features, faster response times, and higher limits for GPT-40. Additionally, you can use DALL-E image generation and create and use custom GPTs.
  1. Team ($25 per user per month, billed annually, minimum 2 users): This plan offers everything in Plus, along with an admin console for workspace management and the ability to exclude team data from training by default.

Final Words

Overall, GPT-4o represents a significant advancement in AI technology. In this article, we have explored the capabilities, features and how to use GPT-4o for free.

The free tier offers text and image input with text output. Advanced features like voice mode and potentially multimodal output might require a paid subscription.


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