Amazon’s New Generative AI Image Tool Helps Advertisers

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Recently, Amazon introduced a new AI image generation tool for advertisers, which will provide advertisers with an easier way to make custom images for their campaigns Ads. It produces backgrounds based on the descriptions of goods and ideas.

This tool can create realistic images from the user’s descriptive prompts.

Amazon’s new generative AI Image tool generates different product ads in just one click.

In this article, we will discuss Amazon’s new generative AI image tool and how to help Amazon generative AI for advertisers.

How Does Amazon’s Generative AI Image Tool Work?

Amazon’s Imaging Studio utilizes a type of AI called generative adversarial network (GANs). The service is trained on a broad dataset of images to learn visual concepts. When a user provides a text prompt, the system identifies keywords and generates a new image matching the description by compositing and modifying elements from its database.

  • Amazon advertisers may now create advertising using AI-powered generative image-creation tools.
  • Amazon added that feature after previous studies revealed that advertisers struggle to create interesting ad creatives, particularly photos.
  • If used correctly, the business estimates that this tool will help marketers enhance their click-through rate by 40%.
Amazon Rolls Out New Generative AI Image Tool To Help Advertisers

How To Use Amazon’s New Generative AI Tool?

Advertisers use the tool by uploading a photo, typing an image description explaining the backdrop they want, selecting a theme, and then clicking “Generate.” Advertisers may additionally fine-tune the picture by adding another text query. It then enables them to test several versions to enhance performance with Amazon’s new generative AI Image tool.

The user can give prompts like “an oil painting of a red flower in a blue vase on a table” or “a bottle stands on a sea beach in front of the sea and beside some coconut tree” to get AI-generated images. Amazon’s new generative AI tool aims to provide high-resolution, realistic, and customizable images for use in marketing, publishing, social media, and more.

“At Amazon Ads, we are always thinking about ways we can reduce friction for our advertisers, provide them with tools that deliver more impact while minimizing effort, and ultimately, deliver a better advertising experience for our customers.”

Colleen Aubrey, senior vice president of Amazon Ads products and technology, said in a statement.

Generative AI’s Transformation: What is Generative AI and Why is it so popular now?

Benefits of Amazon’s Generative AI Image Tool for Small Business Owners

Amazon’s new generative AI tool ads
Image Credits: Amazon Ads

1. Create Custom Visuals

Simply by providing text descriptions of their goods, Amazon’s new generative AI tool can generate logos, product photos, lifestyle images, and more in an advertiser’s brand style. This gives more visual variety compared to repetitive stock images.

2. Save Time and Resources

The AI service reduces the time and costs of sourcing content or hiring visual artists for custom images. Marketing teams can swiftly iterate ad concepts.

3. Attention-Grabbing Display Ads

Interesting illustrations and photographs produced by Amazon’s new generative AI Image tool help make display ads more eye-catching and memorable, and Amazon predicts a 40% increase in the platform’s CTR (click-through rate).

4. Engaging Social Media Content

Unique, AI-generated visuals stand out more on social media feeds compared to generic stock images. The tool can quickly produce hundreds of high-quality images for social campaigns.

amazon ads generative ai image tool
Image Credits: Amazon Ads

E-commerce giant, Amazon shows “How Amazon is using generative AI? ” in the YouTube video. Here they offer a toaster as an example, with a kitchen table decorated for autumn, complete with fallen leaves and a brilliant orange pumpkin.


As a result, advertisers can now produce AI-generated pictures based on their ad needs, making the ad development process easier and less hectic with the help of Amazon’s new generative AI tool.

Do you think “Amazon’s new generative AI Image tool” creates an impact on product advertising as we know it? Please let me know in the comments!


  1. Is Alexa a generative AI?

    Ans: Alexa is powered by natural language processing to understand voice commands, but cannot generate novel language or content. It mainly retrieves information from curated databases and lacks the ability to learn general concepts or skills from data to apply flexibly.

  2. What AI is Amazon working on?

    Ans: Amazon applies Generative AI in AWS — AI and machine learning across its products and services – from Alexa to recommendations to warehouse robots. The focus is leveraging AI to improve customer experience and business operations.

  3. Which company is using generative AI?

    Ans: Google, AWS, Microsoft, Nvidia, Adobe, Meta, Baidu, etc leading technology companies across various sectors are actively experimenting with and integrating different types of generative AI into their products and operations.

  4. Who is Amazon’s competitor to GPT?

    Ans: Amazon plans to spend up to $4 billion on Anthropic, a competitor to ChatGPT creator OpenAI. Amazon said it will spend up to $4 billion on artificial intelligence firm Anthropic and assume a minority stake in the company.

  5. What new technologies is Amazon using?

    Ans: Amazon is enhancing operations for employees and consumers, from new robotic systems and Prime Air drones to driver safety technologies. Amazon’s robotics and delivery teams are on the cutting edge of innovation to provide a fantastic workplace and customer experience.

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